What Would You Do if Your Sister Married into the Mob?

The Winters siblings were always close to one another, and each had a special bond to their sister, Vera. Coming from a family of modest means, Ruth, the eldest of the siblings, is plagued with newfound wealth, opulence, and some deadly secrets.

Ruth, a figure of physical beauty, quickly marries after college and starts a life with a powerful businessman.

Identical twins Matthew and Marc couldn't be more opposite from one another. Matthew is in the throes of a raging ethical battle. His career is the most important thing to him, even though he hasn't achieved it all on his own. Marc knew he wanted to marry Lucy the first time he saw her. He knew he was completely content to settle down, have a family, and put his career on hold.

Their sister, Vera, always putting the family first, is naïve and trustworthy. Accustomed to taking a backseat to her siblings' happiness, familial circumstances constantly keep her occupied and single. After years of putting others first, even in her professional work with a non-profit, Vera's life is quickly escaping her until she meets a mysterious man.

Will the Winters siblings band together to restore the life of the Winters sister who has been torn apart by deception and corruption? Will Matt learn how to balance a thriving career and his personal life? Will Vera get to be with the man she loved From Day One? Join author Jennifer Taylor Wojcik as she weaves a fiercely romantic novel laced with deceit and intrigue



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starstarstarstarstar "You are a gifted writer..." – C. Byers, Florida

starstarstarstarstar "I love your books more than food!"  – Ellen, Kentucky

starstarstarstarstar "Talk about a page turner  you kept me up half the night!" – Betty, Florida

starstarstarstar “Couldn't wait to finish dinner to get back to the book.” – Patty, Washington

starstarstarstarstar “I just ordered three copies to give as gifts.” – Suzanne, Michigan

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