How Would You Feel if the Mafia Was Targeting Your Family?

What could possibly ruin the perfect union of a sun-drenched Tallahassee wedding?  For starters, a murdered father-in-law on the front steps of the church might just blow a few holes in the concept of “happily ever after.”

So starts the marital life of Matthew Winters, a Florida lawyer who is ready to forge a future with his bride, Joanie Booth (nee Bovier), but her New Orleans detective father is finding it difficult to toast her good fortune. Now it’s up to her husband to uncover who spilled blood on his nuptials, and why, in Day After Day, the second installment in author Jennifer Taylor Wojcik’s spellbinding “Day” series of three crime thrillers.

Following on the heels of the first book, From Day One, the newly published Day After Day focuses again on a member of the Winters family, though this time it’s brother Matthew. Madly in love and gaining momentum in his law firm, Matt wants nothing more than to please his bride. What he hadn’t anticipated was that it might entail delving deep into the underbelly of New Orleans, and it might just raise the ire of the Mafia along the way.

Solving his murder and bringing the assassin to justice is not the only priority for the family. It’s also of utmost importance to the members of the New Orleans police department, where Bovier had been in service as an undercover officer for 30 years. Leading the investigation at the scene of the crime in Tallahassee is Detective Peter Sutherland, who leaves no stone unturned and nothing left to idle speculation. However, Bovier's partner, Jack Palace, has his own theory on why his partner was murdered. As the investigation continues, so does the journey through New Orleans, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Atlanta, and New York City.

Day After Day is suspense at its finest, capturing the real meaning of plot twists and turns that keep the reader dying for more. Prepare yourself to hang on every word of this powerful novel of corruption, revenge, and ultimate justice.

Readers' Comments

starstarstarstarstar "You are a gifted writer..." – C. Byers, Florida

starstarstarstarstar "I love your books more than food!"  – Ellen, Kentucky

starstarstarstarstar "Talk about a page turner  you kept me up half the night!" – Betty, Florida

starstarstarstar “Couldn't wait to finish dinner to get back to the book.” – Patty, Washington

starstarstarstarstar “I just ordered three copies to give as gifts.” – Suzanne, Michigan

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