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What would you do if the person you love turned on you?

In beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida where the sun, sand and water are consistently beautiful, we meet Meaghan Campbell, a lovely twenty-something who works in an independent bookstore. After dating Phillip Ray for almost two years, something went terribly wrong.

If the person you love turned on you - hit or beat you leaving you with bruises and scars, what would you do? Friends might say – just leave, but where would you go, and for how long? Who would you turn to for help – who could you trust, and would they be willing to risk their own safety to help you?

Becoming Phillip’s latest stalking victim Meaghan did not have the answers. She thought he would change. He said it would never happen again – until it did. Then, Meaghan needed help.

Heather Howell, of Howell Legal Services & Investigations had made her firm name known after solving the heinous murder of a young woman from the greater Cincinnati area. In Crime by Design, Howell’s team take on Meaghan’s case.

A moving and compelling novel of love, loss and survival, Crime by Design will enlighten you about an all too often hidden crime that affects countless men and women. Best of all, it provides resources and answers - and these answers could save a life.


Readers' Comments

starstarstarstarstar "You are a gifted writer..." – C. Byers, Florida

starstarstarstarstar "I love your books more than food!"  – Ellen, Kentucky

starstarstarstarstar "Talk about a page turner  you kept me up half the night!" – Betty, Florida

starstarstarstar “Couldn't wait to finish dinner to get back to the book.” – Patty, Washington

starstarstarstarstar “I just ordered three copies to give as gifts.” – Suzanne, Michigan

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