Where are the stories in your books set?

The trilogy (From Day One, Day After Day and The Final Day: All Clear) is centered in the Southern US, taking the reader on a virtual trip through cities including Tampa, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Charleston and ultimately to the shores of Maui, Hawaii.

Murder in Toy Town is set in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Florida. Toy Town was the moniker given to the city’s reclamation area that has been considered for development by hoteliers, professional sports teams and retailers. Since Saint Petersburg is part of the tri-city of Tampa Bay, both the cities of Tampa and Clearwater are featured in the book.

Crime By Design is set in Saint Petersburg and highlights the beautifully renovated downtown shopping district as well as the white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.

Where do the characters in your books come from?

First of all, the majority of characters and their names are purely fictional. In the Day Trilogy, you will recognize famous individuals like Fidel Castro, Jimmy Hoffa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and both Robert and John F. Kennedy. Some of the more ‘notorious’ characters in this trilogy have been renamed, however, to shield the author.

Character names typically come to me from real-life encounters. I have taken the liberty to use first names of friends, acquaintances and people who inspire me in one way or another. The risk is that those who are “in” my books believe I see them in the light in which I write about them, and that’s not the case. In other words, I create and develop the character that fits the storyline, and the name comes later.

Were these stories based on actual cases?

In rare instances, yes, but for the most part they were created in the deep recesses of my mind. Two exceptions; one character – David Carter in the third book in the trilogy, was a real-life detective who solved a similar case on the East Coast of Florida; and the second is the young woman, Meaghan, who was stalked in Crime By Design. That story was based on my personal experience with the victim and my own experience with abusive behavior.

Often, actual cases intrigue me, particularly cold cases – those that haven’t been officially closed but are no longer on an active list of pursuit. Out of that curiosity, the newest novel is being written.

What time period do your novels take place?

The trilogy begins in the 1920’s and the last book in the trilogy ends in 1990’s. It encompasses three generations of the Winters family.
Murder in Toy Town begins in February 2000 and is set in west Florida. Crime By Design is set in 2001 in the Tampa Bay Area.

Do you plan to write more books?

The simplest answer is yes, absolutely. I am currently working on a novel whose working title is Partner’s in Crime which will be available in 2020.

In a direct one-eighty degree turn from crime writing, I wrote a book with a friend of mine entitled “Worn Sandals: The Missing Years of Jesus”. It’s classified as Historical Fiction and is available on Amazon.com.

Will you write another trilogy?

Never say never, but my immediate plan no. I do intend to continue a carry-over of characters from one book to another for continuity’s sake, as Heather Howell (originally in the trilogy) is now one of two protagonists in both Murder in Toy Town and Design on Crime.

Do I need to ready the trilogy in order?

Not required of course, but where book one ends, book two begins and so on.

Where can I purchase your books?

All of my books are available in book or kindle format through www.amazon.com.

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