Author Jennifer Taylor WojcikJennifer Taylor Wojcik has been writing crime novels for over a decade. She is a Kentucky native and a graduate of the University of Kentucky, now residing in Florida. After leaving the Commonwealth and an advertising and marketing career, Jennifer began writing her first novel which became a trilogy; From Day One, Day After Day and The Final Day: All Clear.

Having a penchant for detail, Jennifer spends a great amount of time in researching her subject matter and as a result weaves thoroughly realistic, believable works of fiction. Asked about writing fiction versus non-fiction the author replies, “There’s always some amount of truth in fiction…” This is obvious to the reader as Jennifer recounts real-time events into her storylines.

Writing from a perspective of gentility and decorum, Jennifer avoids explicit violence, sex or details that are better left to the reader’s imagination. Her books have been touted as ‘appropriate for all ages’ – a vow that Jennifer took before writing her first novel and still adheres to.

Jennifer Taylor Wojcik is available for book signings, book clubs and speaking engagements. Because of her intimate knowledge of the events portrayed in her novels, her talks are as engaging as her books. If you are interested in scheduling the author, please contact us.

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Readers' Comments

starstarstarstarstar "You are a gifted writer..." – C. Byers, Florida

starstarstarstarstar "I love your books more than food!"  – Ellen, Kentucky

starstarstarstarstar "Talk about a page turner  you kept me up half the night!" – Betty, Florida

starstarstarstar “Couldn't wait to finish dinner to get back to the book.” – Patty, Washington

starstarstarstarstar “I just ordered three copies to give as gifts.” – Suzanne, Michigan

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